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Stinky Ginkgo Key to Sex Success?

Ginkgo trees have been around a long time...say 250 million years or more. The trees are gorgeous this time of year. The fan-shaped leaves turn a brilliant yellow then fall. A number of cities have planted ginkgo trees because they are particularly hearty. They can stand up to most anything.

The problem with ginkgos though is there are male and female trees. If you have a female, you know what I'm talking about. Now that it's gotten a little colder. The females drop their malodorous fruit. To say it stinks is an understatement. The smell is really repugnant and some towns that have planted the trees are starting to cut them down. Maybe that's how the tree has survived this long -- they're too stinky to mess with. Turns out though the fruit is thought to be an aphrodisiac. Others believe ginkgo helps improve memory. Imagine that stinky stuff helping you to a night of sex you'll never forget.

Just a Minute...Harry Smith, CBS News

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