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Stock Selloff Taxes Online Brokerage, Finance Sites

The sharp afternoon stock sell-off led to periodic outages at many popular financial and online trading websites.

As the market fell nearly 1,000 points, panicked sellers and speculative buyers frantically tried to log on, only to run into apologetic messages, suggesting that they try back later on.

"Due to technical issues some pages on may be slow to load, or intermittently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience," was the message that came up on Charles Schwab & Co's website. But it wasn't just Schwab that was struggling to keep up. There were reports on Twitter that TD Ameritrade was also frozen for a time.

Meanwhile, the popular Yahoo Finance site was inaccessible for much of the afternoon after the panic gripped the markets. A spokesman later said in an email that the service "experienced intermittent issues related to traffic from today's market activity. We will continue to monitor and resolve the issue as necessary."

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