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Strawberry Owes $4.5 Million

Darryl Strawberry is broke and owes nearly $4.5 million in back taxes, alimony payments and other debts, according to a spokesman for New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner.

Howard Rubenstein was quoted in the Daily News Thursday as discussing Strawberry's debt in explaining why the Yankees had not yet decided whether to renew the $2.5 option on the ailing outfielder's contract.

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"Darryl owes the IRS $2.5 million. No one knows that," Rubenstein told the newspaper. "He also owes roughly a million and a half in alimony and other debts."

"The Yankees will not pay the $2.5 million and see it dissipated, just disappear."

"The team wants to work with Strawberry to see that he spends it in a way that will straighten out his financial situation."

The 36-year-old Strawberry is recovering from colon cancer surgery.

The Yankees must decide by Wednesday whether to exercise their contract option. The expiration date was extended by 10 days last week.

The newspaper said it was unable to reach Strawberry or his agent.

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