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Stress All on Dave for "No Way Home" Series

By Mary Haynes

Last year, I was one of the members of Dave's inaugural "follow" team. We were there to make sure he got on TV -- and that's it. It was a sprint to put it mildly -- for seven days he raced the clock to get home to New York City. I'm guessing this year will be just as fun (and just as crazy).

In 2009 we started in Santa Monica -- this year it's up to the viewers. I can't wait to find out where! One of my favorite behind-the-scenes memories from 2009 was when we were driving through Nebraska. Dave was hired by Granger Automotive to drive a car from Colorado to Iowa -- at some point we all stopped for lunch at Burger King, where Dave bought the cheapest thing on the menu while the rest of us happily feasted on large meals with fries and sodas. While we were eating Dave inadvertently reached down and grabbed a french fry from the communal pile -- and immediately his hand got smacked. "We can't help you Dave! Not even a fry."

I've covered hurricanes, wild fires, mudslides and all types of stories with Dave. But this trip is so different than what we normally do. Usually I get involved and we work together deciding where to go and what to report on - it's nice that the stress is all on his shoulders for a week. I can't wait to see if he can do it!

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