Sunday: Warren, Kennedy, Hickenlooper, McCabe, Burns

Trump feels "very badly" for Paul Manafort
Trump feels "very badly" for Paul Manafort 06:56

Last Updated Mar 9, 2019 2:08 PM EST

After a federal judge sentenced Paul Manafort on Thursday to nearly four years in prison, President Trump on Friday voiced sorrow for the fate of his former campaign chairman.

"I feel very badly for Paul Manafort," the president acknowledged at White House, in a scrum with reporters as he departed for a tour of tornado-ravaged communities in Alabama.

"If you notice, both his lawyer, a highly respected man, and a very highly respected man, a judge, the judge said there was no collusion with Russia," the president remarked.

But for his own former attorney and fixer, President Trump had no such praise. After sparring with his former employer across months of legal battles and two bombshell weeks of testimony on Capitol Hill, Michael Cohen now claims the Trump Organization owes him some $1.9 million in unpaid legal fees.

"It's the most ridiculous suit I have ever seen. Bad lawyer. I had a bad lawyer," President Trump declared, later accusing Cohen on Twitter of lying about seeking a presidential pardon.  

In the House, it was discord among Democrats that dominated headlines this week, in the fallout of controversial comments by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota. Calls to condemn anti-Semitism and punish the freshman roiled the Democratic majority, splitting the caucus along generational and ideological schisms. 

And an already massive 2020 field grew more crowded this week with the entry of former Denver mayor and ex-Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. Former Vice President Joe Biden too is preparing to join the race for America's highest office, CBS News reported Thursday.

"I understand clearly that I'm not the first person in the race or the most well-known," Hickenlooper acknowledged at his Denver kickoff on Thursday.

"But let me tell you, at four syllables and 12 letters, Hickenlooper is now the biggest name in the race," he joked.

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We'll hear from Sen. John Kennedy (@SenJohnKennedy). The Louisiana Republican is a key voice on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Former Denver mayor and ex-Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper (@Hickenlooper) is the latest entrant into the 2020 race. We'll hear from him.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren), D-Mass., sat down with CBS News Political Correspondent Ed O'Keefe (@edokeefe) on the sidelines of the South by Southwest event in Texas. We'll air his interview with the White House hopeful.

We'll sit down with former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, author of "The Threat."

Former Deputy Secretary of State William Burns is out with a new book, "The Back Channel." He'll join us.

And as always, we'll turn to our panelists for some perspective on the week ahead:

  • David Frum (@davidfrum) of The Atlantic
  • Susan Glasser (@sbg1) of The New Yorker
  • Toluse Olorunnipa (@ToluseO) of The Washington Post
  • Gerald Seib (@GeraldFSeib) of The Wall Street Journal

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