"Sunday Morning" Matinee: "A Chorus Line in Quarantine"

"Sunday Morning" Matinee: "A Chorus Line in Quarantine"
"Sunday Morning" Matinee: "A Chorus Line in Q... 04:15

As Broadway show cast members, and their audiences, all self-isolate at home, leaving stages dark during the coronavirus pandemic, dancers have not let their passion go without an outlet.

The video "A Chorus Line in Quarantine" originated on a private Facebook group among the company of the 2006-2008 Broadway revival of the landmark musical, with each performer recorded separately as they live out the COVID-19 outbreak in isolation. Through the magic of editing, their movements blend together as they might have on stage, into "one singular sensation," in a performance by turns nostalgic, humorous and unifying.

Paul McGill, who played Mark in the 2006 revival of "A Chorus Line," dances on an empty street in New York's theatre district, in "A Chorus Line in Quarantine." CBS News

"A Chorus Line in Quarantine" was the brainchild of Jeffrey "Shecky" Schecter, who played Mike in the original Broadway revival cast.  On March 31, about two weeks into quarantine, Schechter proposed that his fellow cast mates record the show's opening combo (the lead-in to the song "I Hope I Get It") in whatever lockdown circumstances they were living. Heather Parcells (who played Judy) volunteered to edit, and reached out to cast members not on Facebook.

The group effort would grow to include 44 cast members, from across the U.S., Australia and Japan, each exuding the joy of dance under the oppressive confines of a pandemic's quarantine.

Jessica Lee Goldyn, who played Val in the 2006 revival, in "A Chorus Line in Quarantine."   CBS News

Click on the video at the top of the page to relive a little Broadway magic. 

Cast (in order of appearance):

Jason Tam
Michael Berresse
Heather Parcells
Bryan Knowlton
Michelle Arevena
Denis Lambert
Jeffrey Schecter
Deidre Goodwin
Mara Davi
Lorin Latarro
Natalie Cortez
Chryssie Whitehead
E. Clayton Cornelius
Yuka Takara
Tyler Hanes
Alisan Porter
Tony Yazbeck
Jessica Lee Goldyn
Brad Anderson
Lyndy Franklin
Jessica Lea Patty
Liza B. Domingo
Todd Anderson
Courtney Laine Mazza
Eric Sciotto
Katherine Tokarz
Michael Gruber
Kevin Worley
Jenifer Foote
Aaron J. Albano
Dena DiGiacinto
Tommy Berkland
Deanna Aguinaga
Deone Zanotto
Kimberly Dawn Nuemann
Lisa Ho
Kim Shriver
J. Elaine Marcos
Paul McGill
Melissa Lone
Kurt Domoney
Mike Cannon
Mario Lopez
Charlotte d'Amboise
Terrance Mann

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