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Sunshine And Summertime

(CBS/Hannah Storm)
Hi guys! I came back today after a long vacation at my favorite summertime spot, Martha's Vineyard. If you ever get a chance to visit there (it's off of Cape Cod) check out some of my favorite spots after eight summers there.

The best fried seafood ever is at a tiny little shack in Menemsha, called The Bite. Chowder and clam strips to die for. They even fry little bites of mac and cheese! For dinner, with a serious sunset, head to the Outermost Inn, run lovingly by James Taylor's brother, Hugh. And try the brass ring toss on the back porch. It took me a couple seasons to conquer it! The photo above is from that end of the island, called Gay Head. It's really remote and so beautiful.

(CBS/Hannah Storm)
We saw friends at the Vineyard, including Russ Mitchell and his wife, Serena. Russ and I discovered the day before leaving New York that we were both going on vacation the same week and to the same place! We met for lunch in Edgartown one day.

I also made some new discoveries this year. Ali Berlow, queen of the Vineyard culinary scene, took my girls and I to Mediterranean, overlooking the Vineyard Haven Harbor. I also got to spend time with my friend, music critic Holly Gleason, and checked out a fantastic young singer/songwriter named Willy Mason, who gave a mesmerizing performance at Outerland.

For those of you who think Martha's Vineyard is merely a sleepy beach town, guess again. It's a haven for artists of all kinds, like Willy Mason, a 22-year-old Vineyard native, who writes songs for a generation adrift -- for young people abandoned by their adults in a world that's growing more and more homogenized and disconnected. He's really starting to make a name for himself and I wouldn't be surprised to see him do great things.

Holly's also a shopping guru and turned me on to some great cowboy boots at Bramhall and Dunn. We wear them all year round, even in the summer 'cause real cowgirls wear 'em barefoot!

And the best part of all, of course, was the beach. Katama-South Beach is my favorite -- great waves and wide open spaces. I dream about sun and sand and living at the beach one day....but for ever so slowly puuulllllinngg myself back to work...! Sigh.

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