Super Bowl QB Brees and the Mannings

There's a big New Orleans connection in the Super Bowl on Sunday. Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and his family are from New Orleans.

"The entire Manning Family has been-- been great to us down here," New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees said.

"They're amazing ambassadors to the city," said Brittany Brees, Drew's wife.

@katiecouric: Drew Brees

"Does that make it hard to go up against Peyton" Couric asked.

Brees said that Peyton's father, former Saints quarterback Archie Manning, has been very supportive in past games. This time?

"He even sent me a text - a few days ago - you know prior to the game and he said, 'if you were playing anybody else, I'd be all over this," Brees laughed. "You know, blood's thicker than water."

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