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Super Tuesday 2016: Marco Rubio says attacks on Donald Trump are working

Marco Rubio vows to fight on after disappoint... 05:27

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio struck a triumphant tone Tuesday night at a campaign rally in Miami, saying his attacks on Republican front-runner Donald Trump are starting to have an effect.

"You see, just five days ago we began to unmask the true nature of the frontrunner in this race, he said. "Five days ago we began to explain to the American people that Donald Trump is a con artist. And in just five days we have seen the impact it is having all across the country."

Rubio ended the night with a victory in the Minnesota caucuses and ran close to Trump in Virginia. But Trump enjoyed a big night, taking Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia and Massachusetts.

"We are seeing in state after state -- he loves to talk about polls -- we are seeing in state after state his numbers coming down, our numbers going up," Rubio continued. "And two weeks from tonight, right here in Florida, we are going to send a message loud and clear: we are going to send the message that the party of Lincoln and Reagan and the presidency of the United States will never be held by a con artist."

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