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Survey: Many Women Have Bad Body Image

It's no secret that women of all ages at some point struggle to be happy with their bodies. According to a recent Glamour magazine survey, 40 percent of women are unhappy with the body they're in.

The Glamour survey found that 71 percent of the women survey felt fat, whereas only 46 percent of women are overweight.

On "The Early Show" Monday, Wendy Naugle, executive editor of Glamour magazine, Katherine Schwarzenegger, the author of "Rock What You've Got," and Crystal Renn, a plus-size model, discussed this survey and what it says about women today and the way they view their bodies.

Naugle said this survey shows there's a lot of "body snarking" going on now.

She said, "(It's) happening in the tabloids, on MySpace, Facebook pages really like there is a great weight watch happening in the country and it's very hard for women not to internalize that message. I think that's what stat reflects."

Glamour's Love Your Life Conference

Renn, who has been criticized for not being thin enough and later not being heavy enough for modeling, says it's important for women to find "your medium."

She explained, "I think that, you know, I will never be thin enough or big enough for anybody. So I think through this whole thing I had to just really be happy being who I am, and that's when I found health. I starved myself down to a double zero, then in my recovery, got even up to a size 14 and I found that, you know, through the years, I settled at a 12 then in the past year, I really discovered exercise because I was finally able to do it. You know, after eight years, you know, I think I was ready after, you know, suffering with exercise bulimia seven years ago to finally do it again in a healthy way."

For Schwarzenegger, the daughter of famously fit California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and journalist Maria Shriver, having a healthy body image isn't just about the outside, but the inside, too.

"We as women we look in front of the mirror and automatically jump to everything we hate about ourselves, wish we could change, we're so overly critical of ourselves," she said. "I think that (Glamour) statistic really shows, and I think women think that if you look beautiful on the outside you are totally fine and have the most perfect life, but I think the reality is you have to be beautiful both on the inside and out."

For more with Naugle, Renn and Schwarzenegger on body image and how women can talk to their daughters about their bodies, click on the video below.

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