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'Survivor' Men Facing Extinction

Men are an endangered species on Vanuatu in this week's "Survivor."

They are outnumbered by women five to three. The previews imply they will make a desperate bid to bring Twila to their side. If they fail, it seems inevitable that they will be picked off by the women one by one, losing their shot at the $1 million prize.

Survivor pundit Greg Feltes blames Sarge for the impending extinction of the men. "[Sarge] must feel like the biggest old fool there ever was after he was taken in by the charms of Julie and Twila," says Feltes. Scout appears to still be the favorite because of her inherent likeability and non-threatening nature, he says.

The producers of the show say that in tonight's episode, hatred drives two contestants to serious lobbying to get each other voted out, one group hatches a devilish plan to screw over their teammates, and one contestant's guilt over aligning with a faction is exacerbated by another's words.

"Survivor" was the fourth most-watched show in America last week.

Some 20.2 million viewers watched the two teams merge into one, and men-vs-women vote that ended the game for Rory Freeman.

On The Early Show, Freeman said, "I think that the worst move of the game, by far, was [the men] voting John Kenney off the game..., because everybody knew going into the merge, you want it to be five men, five women... And I was astounded that they would choose to keep Twila and Julie and vote John Kenney off,(giving) the strength-in-numbers factor to the women."

"I'm pretty bitter about that and the fact that I'm out of the game," he concluded, "but the fact of the matter is, I'm blessed" with a wife and child.

You can see the loser from tonight's episode on Friday's The Early Show.

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