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Suspected jewelry thief "tripped up" by innocent bystander, arrested by Ky. cops

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Someone in Lexington, Ky. put his or her best foot forward, to trip a suspected jewelry thief who police then arrested. istockphoto

(CBS/AP) LEXINGTON, Ky. - A suspected jewelry thief was tripped up - literally - by a citizen who stuck out his foot to help Lexington police who were already giving chase.

Police told the Lexington Herald Leader an officer was chasing 19-year-old Jamory Christian Dior Russell Tuesday night after an offer to sell stolen jewelry. The victim of the theft was waiting downtown with a police officer to meet the Russell after he allegedly offered to sell the jewels on Craigslist.

When Russell saw the cop, he took off running.

A Lexington police spokeswoman said a citizen, who police did not identify, stuck out a foot, tripping up Russell and making him an easy catch for authorities.

Russell pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges of theft, resisting arrest and fleeing and evading an officer.

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