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Synchronized and illuminated quadrocopters is simply unreal

(CBS News) Okay, stop whatever you're doing right now, because this one is going to blow you away! Check out 49 synchronized and illuminated quadrocopters take flight and form complex 3D models in the night sky.  I'd recommend watching in high-definition and full-screen if possible.

Is your mouth still open? Are you continuing to stare at the screen in stunned silence? The spectacular presentation of technological innovation was posted by Ars Electronica who write:

As a world-premiere, the Ars Electronica Futurelab has managed to fly a formation outdoor with so many quadrocopters, painting some moments of magic into the nightsky of Linz [Austria].

Seriously, what's going on today with all of the amazing technology videos? First we had the crazy "Cheetah Robot" who could outrun Usain Bolt, then the walking paper robot and now this! Did I not get the memo that today was the day where all the cool robotic presentations were going to happen?  Either way, this breath-taking and beautiful presentation has definitely earned Ars Electronica a major triple-rainbow salute of excellence from all of us here at The Feed. To check out more videos from Ars Electronica, you can visit their website by clicking here.
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