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Take a Sneak Peek at Windows 7

In case you haven't heard, Microsoft is working on a new operating system. It's true! Some of you even like the name. Anyway, the propeller-heads over at Gizmodo have put together a Windows 7 walkthrough, complete with screenshots and some hands-on impressions of new features. Their takeaway:
For starters, even the early build of Windows 7 feels like a fast, stable environment. There's a lot going on behind the scenes to make the OS more usable, one monumental improvement being how video memory is allocated for unseen windows. (Hint: It's not.) The result is a highly responsive machine that gets decent battery life.
Indeed, most of the early buzz on Windows 7 has been extremely positive, though I remain firmly in the I'll-Believe-It-When-I-See-It camp. My wish-list for Windows 7 includes lightning-quick boot-up, faster overall performance, and some new features that are actually useful -- not confusing, unnecessary changes to the interface. One nifty tweak I'm liking already: "Aero Shake," which minimizes (or maximizes) all onscreen windows except the one you're "shaking." Watch the video to see it an action.

In the meantime, check out the walkthrough, then hit the Comments and sound off: Do you think Windows 7 is on the right track? What do you like or dislike about what you've seen so far?

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