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Talented dog performs two-legged, tightrope trick, on The Feed!

Talented dog performs two-legged, tightrope t... 01:13

Some of the latest and greatest viral videos include a canine with amazing balancing ability and a YouTube star who covers his face with 10,000 bees.

First up, nicknozzy posted video of a phenomenal fido named Ozzy. The 6-year-old Welsh border collie, kelpie crossbreed can balance itself on a tightrope, on two legs -- a trick that took two years of training and a lot of paws-itive reinforcement to master.

On their popular Good Mythical Morning show, YouTube superstars Rhett and Link decide to try their hand at beekeeping. They learn all about the ins and outs of the business. But, the most entertaining part of the video is when Link agrees to let beekeeper Bill strap 10,000 of the stinging creatures on his face, and then, in slow motion, Rhett removes them with a leafblower.

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