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Tech Roundup: Verizon and Alltel OK, EA Lowers Outlook, Yahoo Open Platform, More

Verizon and Alltel get DoJ blessing, sort of -- The Department of Justice have just given Verizon's acquisition of Alltelthe go-ahead, but only if the former divests of a hundred local markets in 22 states. Verizon has already said it was willing to drop some markets. Now the question is what the FCC will say in November. And then we need to know how Alltel would have to change its broadcast ad campaign slamming several competitors -- including Verizon. Best guess is when Alltel marketing people ask, "Can you hear us now?" the answer will be a resounding, "No." [Source: Engadget]

Intel investing in Taiwan -- Intel announced an agreement with the government of Taiwan to establish a development center for Atom processor-centric open source software and applications. Also, Intel Capital is investing in Taiwan-based carrier VMAXto roll out a WiMAX network. Hmm, wonder whose equipment will be powering the work? [Source: DigiTimes]

EA lowers its outlook, lowers boom on workers -- Maybe all the advertising that EA has been doing for Madden NFL hasn't quite done the trick because the company is lowering its profit forecast and laying off six percent of its workforce. In the quarter just reported it lost $310 million, rather than the $195 million lost last year at the same time. What makes that particularly scary from managerial theory is that net revenue grew by 40 percent. Any time you see big revenue jumps and increased profit shortfalls, something seems wrong. EA expects earnings for the year to be down by 30 cents a share from previous estimates. Maybe it needed to add a CEO screen to the game plan. [Source: BNET Industry Technology Blog, New York Times, GameDaily]

Yahoo opens developer platform -- A platform should be something to stand on, and Yahoohopes that third-party developers decide to rest on its announced Yahoo! Open Strategy. The company has mucho data and virtual real estate available, but there are some problems. One is that the Yahoo audience isn't one most focused on social networks. The other major one is that there doesn't seem to be a way for developers to make money. Maybe Yahoo expects them to work for the love, but in the case of smaller developers, the love unfortunately may be the love of profit. Maybe someone told Jerry Yang that open meant free. [Source: Ars Technica]

New Apple MobileMe-- MobileMe has been a thorn in Apple's side, and a posterior pain for the users, with many reports of problems. The company has posted what it has done so far to change the service. It will take more than some improved features to win people over, however. Maybe a free iTunes download of Steve Jobs singing I'm Sorry? [Source: , InfoWorld]

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