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The 10 Weirdest Drug Stories of the Month

Pfizer (PFE) chief Ian Read has a blog just for him ... Cephalon (CEPH) boss Frank Baldino had odd hiring habits ... a medical maggot maker gets a citation from the FDA. It all happened in March 2011.

  1. Medical maggots: What could possibly go wrong?
    FDA writes a warning letter to a factory that breeds the medically valuable but totally gross critters.
  2. Oxycodone prescriptions rise threefold in New York City Now being dispensed at the rate of one scrip for every eight New Yorkers.
  3. Medical marijuana sales grow to rival Viagra's Time magazine fails to report why this might be significant, however.
  4. Ibuprofen prevents bladder cancer but causes erectile dysfunction Pick your poison: Long-term uses of certain painkillers seems to be good for one piece of your plumbing but bad for another.
  5. Late Cephalon CEO Frank Baldino Jr. made hiring decisions based on elevator buttons "Decidedly Type A, Baldino looked for a touch of obsession in others. When seeing job interviewees to the exit, Baldino would press the Down elevator button and then watch. If the job seekers didn't repress the button, according to company lore, they weren't getting hired."
  6. Dear Pfizer CEO, please check out my blog New blog authored by a soon-to-be-laid-off employee targets a very specific reader: Pfizer boss Ian Read
  7. Retired drug sales rep is the neighbor from hell
    Police tasered him after he refused to leave a neighbor's lawn alone.
  8. Pfizer employee carried knife on plane
    "The Pfizer employee is not believed to be a terror threat, but he was arrested for misdemeanor weapon possession, sources said."
  9. Still depressed but your prostate is shrinking?
    Perhaps it's because the labels were mixed up on these two medicines.
  10. Astellas video shows how you can light ice on fire
    Just don't try extinguishing a calcium carbide fire with water.
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