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The 10 Weirdest Drug Stories of the Month

Drink up -- alcohol is even better for your heart than you thought it was ... it's a cure for restless legs syndrome (but it might make you go blind) ... and guess what replaced smoking as the leading cause of oral cancer? It all happened in April 2011.

  1. Even "hazardous" drinking is good for your heart
    Rejoice, boozehounds. Heavy drinking is better for cardiac health than no drinking.
  2. How Viagra-maker Pfizer gets around the spam problem
    "Pfizer faces a big challenge getting its outbound email into its recipients' inboxes. Because so many filters learn user preferences, marking a scam Viagra email as spam increases the chance that an email from Pfizer about the drug will also end up labeled as junk."
  3. Genzyme CEO nearly went into the drain cleaner business
    "Every industrialized thing you can visualize, we thought of and tried: how to produce an enzyme that would get more oil out of the ground, how to make hair curl, how to clean drainpipes. These were serious thoughts in the early '80s."
  4. FDA approves a drug with no name
    The FDA approved cancer treatment vandetanib before AstraZeneca had time to finalize its brand name.
  5. Woman surprised to find herself the face of Prozac
    Instead of becoming depressed, Gwen Bucci (right) sued Eli Lilly for allegedly using her image without permission.
  6. Novartis painkiller is up and down like the Assyrian Empire
    Approved as Prexige 2003, withdrawn in 2007, resubmitted with a new name (Joicela) in 2009, and now withdrawn again. I know -- how about changing the name again?
  7. FDA approves 3rd drug for restless legs syndrome; has nothing to say about masturbation
    You can either buy GlaxoSmithKline's new Horizant pill or you can do this, which has "a real clinical benefit," to quote New Scientist.
  8. If your arteries get narrower at least you won't feel sad
    Study: Antidepressants thicken the wall of blood vessels in middle-aged men.
  9. Novartis to sell medical marijuana
    ... but only in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
  10. Oral sex replaces smoking as the leading cause of mouth cancer
    Coming next: campaigns to persuade people to quit, or at least make them stand outside on the sidewalk if they absolutely have to.
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