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"The Amazing Race" word puzzle thwarts cowboys

The cast of "The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business."

(CBS) Cowboys Jet and Cord McCoy, second place winners and fan favorites in Season 16, fell far behind the other 10 teams when they failed to decode a message in Australia in Sunday's night inaugural episode of "The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business."

The two , having retrieved the key to deciphering the message in a scuba-diving challenge, were still trying to make sense of it when the episode ended. All the other teams had already checked in with host Phil Keoghan at the pit stop.

(SPOILER ALERT) PICTURES: "The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business"

Father and daughter Mallory and Gary Ervin, from Season 17, were first at the pit stop and won an express pass that allows them to skip one task of their choosing at any time during the race.

But in an unusual twist, there was no rest at the pit stop. Keoghan handed teams another clue and told them to keep on racing. Mallory was so floored by the switch that she continued talking and Keoghan had to urge her to move on.

Viewers did not get to see the next clue, so there is a surprise in store for us next week. Meanwhile, as the first episode of this two-episode leg of the race ended, we see the cowboys still working out the word puzzle.

The only interesting twist was a medical emergency on the first flight to Sydney that caused a delay in arrival, meaning that those who fell behind and had to take the second flight, actually arrived in Australia ahead of the early race leaders.

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