The Constitution Survives

Last week the House prosecutors laid out the case for removing the president. They made a compelling argument. Still, their argument did not quite do it for me.

As despicable as the president's behavior was, I am not yet convinced it poses a threat to the Constitution. And to me, that is the only reason we should even consider overturning the results of an election. Others will disagree, and they may be right.

But regardless of how any of us feel about that, one of the House prosecutors, Congressman Lindsey Graham, reminded us yesterday of a much larger point when he said there could be no doubt that if this president is removed from office the country will survive.

Just as it will survive if he stays.

What he was saying was that our constitutional form of government still works as it was meant to.

Bill Clinton set a bad example and will answer to history for it. But it is not his survival as president that matters the most. It is the survival of the Constitution.

Written by Bob Schieffer
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