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The Evolution of 3DO

Even though you won't find 3DO machines on store shelves, the company has survived, still with Trip Hawkins at the helm. Just as the 3DO was introduced in the early nineties, memory prices skyrocketedÂ….and the company quickly learned, there wasn't much of a mass market for a six or seven hundred dollar game machineÂ…

"The cost of new technologies sometimes is a big obstacle for the consumer. And it was a really big obstacle for the video game industry in the early nineties and 3DO struggled with that because we had some ideas, like the use of CD ROM, that were a little bit ahead of their time and just weren't quite inexpensive enough to reach a mass market. But all that's behind the industry now and consumers can go out now and get an incredible value in a new video game system such as a Sony PlayStation or a Nintendo 64. What you can do with these machines for the money is just incredible."

And so 3DO today is making games for those platforms and the PC. What kinds of games?

"Right now, it's tanks, tanks and more tanks. We have one game series called Army Men, where you actually act out military battles with the little plastic army soldiers from your childhood."
Go ahead admit it. You used to play with them. Now you can do it all over again. There's no gore here, by the way. When those on screen plastic soldiers die, they melt. You can find more information at

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