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The Finish Line

With the campaign (almost) in the history books, Horserace has come to the end of the 2008 trail. For the past fifteen months, the political reporters and producers from CBS News and have followed every detail of this historic and unprecedented political year. After all the campaign stump speeches, the ads, gaffes, fundraising and, of course, the polls, the racing is over and the hard work of governing is about to begin.

With the tireless help of's Brian Montopoli and Kevin Hechtkopf and loads of assists from all the correspondents, producers and off-air reporters from CBS News, we helped guide you though the maze of the never-ending primaries, delegate counts, conventions and Election Night.

But just because the campaign is over doesn't mean we're going away. today launches the Political Hotsheet, a new blog which will combine the best political reporting, analysis and observations from the reporters and producers at CBS News.

From the transition to the incoming president's first 100 Days in office and beyond, we'll keep you up on the very latest happenings in what's about to become one of the busiest and most closely-watched towns in the world. Hotsheet will chronicle the news from the White House, Congress and all the institutions in Washington during these historic and uncharted days.

The challenges that lie ahead for the nation are immense and we'll be your eyes and ears to keep you informed about what the new administration and congress are doing, or are not doing, about the issues that impact your life and the nation's future. With a laser-like focus on the economy, health care reform, taxes, spending, foreign policy and many other issues, we'll track the progress of the new team in Washington from Day One.

President-elect Barack Obama is coming to town with a strong wind of change at his back and Hotsheet will be here to help keep you informed as it sweeps through Washington, the nation and the world.

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