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The Goomba's Way Of Love

Actor Steven R. Schirripa plays the popular character Bobby Bacala, who is one of Tony's Soprano's most loyal Goombas on the HBO mob hit "The Sopranos."

In a follow up to his best selling book "A Goomba's Guide to Life," Schirripa is taking a different look at the life style in "The Goomba's Book of Love: How to Love Like a Guy from the Neighborhood."

The actor says a Goomba is an attitude — a combination of a good old boy, good family guy that just enjoys life — and not a gangster.

As an example of the Goomba's lifestyle, Schirripa gives the following dating tips from his new book:

  • DO bring her 12 red roses.
    DON'T bring a 12 pack of Bud.
  • DO take her to a night club.
    DON'T taker her to a strip club.
  • DO steal a kiss.
    DON'T steal her purse.
  • DO open the car door for her.
    DON'T open the trunk for her.
  • DO use the proper cutlery while dining.
    DON'T wipe down the silverware when you're done.
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