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The most difficult Friday round-up of music to decide on yet

(CBS News) It's Friday which means there will be music (and not blood) here at The Feed! So, there was just way too much good music to choose from this week and this one was seriously our toughest music round-up to decide on yet. A lot of very good videos coulda'/woulda'/shoulda' made the cut, but this is what's been decided and I'm sticking to it.  Period.  Final.  Well, maybe...

Once again, I've enlisted the help of my colleague, Casey Glynn, to help me decide (so make sure to throw all praise my way and hate hers in order to be fair). We kick things off with a musician I grew up with and have loved almost all of my adult life. An artist who had a movie somewhat inspired by her music (the extraordinary P.T. Anderson film "Magnolia"). I am speaking of none other than the legendary Aimee Mann. Take a listen to her new music video for "Labrador" above and get ready for a few fun twists and surprise appearances.

Okay, seriously, who didn't love the tribute twist to the classic music video "Voices Carry"? And the role of Jon Hamm as director in the story leading up to the actual music video: priceless! Oh, and did I happen to mention that the song totally rocks, too? Because it does. Totally. There is just way too much amazing going on in this video that I could go on forever, but let me sum it up this way: we at The Feed love you and your music, Aimee!

And for our next item, we take a nostalgic trip down memory music lane to the year 1997 with a band that was being played everywhere at the time. Do you happen to remember a little ditty by the name of "MMMBop"? I have a feeling you know who I'm referring to now (cough, Hanson, cough), so why don't you go ahead and take a quick listen to their cover of Taylor Swift's song "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" above recently performed on "Fifi and Jules". I think you're going to be very pleasantly surprised by their unique take on the song.

And next up: you may not realize this, but we look at every single item that is sent to us. Whether you hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, the Comments section below or a scary anonymous letter written in blood and left on our doorstep (please don't do the last one, I'm begging you), we seriously read it all. And one fan of The Feed, Dylan Woodley (who was previously featured for a stop-motion Lego version of Coldplay's "Viva La Vida"), sent us a tweet for a music video that we liked a whole lot! Like seriously, it's very good.  Check out his very cool stop-motion Lego tribute to Foster The People's song "Houdini" below.

After two pretty big names in music and an excellent fan submission to The Feed, we turn our attention at this point in the round-up to lesser known musicians. There's talent hidden in them there interwebs, I just know it! And all joking aside, I think we may have found it in the form of a young musician by the name of Peter Lee Johnson. Watch his single-take (with absolutely no cuts at all), violin cover of Frank Ocean's song "Thinking About You" in the video below and prepare to be blown away by some mad musical skills.

While this post could literally keep going (because there really were way too many excellent options this week), all good things must eventually come to an end. And by that that I mean this post. Which is very, very good. (Ha.)  Okay, getting back on track, we're going to end things as we often do on a musical note of levity. Watch College Humor have a little fun with a well-known and loved 1980's film in their parody entitled "Back to the Future With Skrillex". Can you tell where this might be going?

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this week's Friday music round-up and major props go out this week to Dylan Woodley for his excellent submission. I hope you all have an amazing upcoming weekend and make sure to keep coming back to The Feed for all your viral (and music) video needs!

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