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The Netbook Diaries: Day 1

acer-aspire-one.jpgNetbooks: I'm not a fan. Small screens, small keyboards, and limited storage and processing power aren't my idea of portable-computing goodness. Oh, and did I forget their generally mediocre battery life?

That said, I seem to be in the minority on this subject. Business users and consumers alike are going ape over netbooks, mostly likely owing to their low (and rapidly getting lower) prices and compact, travel-friendly designs.

Thus, open-minded Business Hacker that I am, I've decided to adopt a netbook â€" Acer's Aspire One â€" and report on my experiences. It won't be my day-to-day PC, of course, but it will be the one I use when I'm on the move: working at coffee shops, flying to Seattle and back, and so on. If I'm away from my desk, I'll be packing the Aspire.

All of this is to answer the question: Do netbooks deserve the hype? Stay tuned and find out.

In the meantime, check out some other netbook-related posts, including Guy Vs. Guy: The Net Value of Netbooks, Turn Your Netbook Into a Kindle, and Six Ways to Make Your Netbook More Like a Notebook.

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