The Search For Jamie

A Wonderful Life. . .

On the surface, Cheryl Lamare has a wonderful life. A hairdresser in New Hampshire, she lives with her loving husband Dale, and four children. An idyllic life.

But for one thing.

Cheryl is on a quest to retrieve her daughter Jamie, who has been out of her life for nine years. In 1989, Cheryl Lamare's two daughters, two-year-old Jamie and four-year-old Ellie, were kidnapped by their father, Stan Voulgarelis, who took the girls to his native Greece. At the time, Cheryl had custody of the two girls. She had accused Stan of sexually abusing them, and there was strong evidence to back her up. Angry, and afraid he would never see his children again, he took them and ran.

Six months after the abduction, Cheryl went to Greece and rescued Ellie. But, she couldn't find her younger daughter, Jamie, and she left without her. Since then, she has appealed to both the State Department and the Justice Department, trying to find Jamie and bring her home to New Hampshire.

Although Greek courts had awarded Cheryl full custody of Jamie, and Stan had been indicted in the U.S. for child rape and kidnapping, the Greek authorities have done little to help her get her daughter back.

Over the past eight years, Cheryl has taken eight trips to Greece, trying to find and bring back her daughter. Stan is shrewd, and with the help of his relatives and authorities, who are squarely on his side, he is able to keep Cheryl at bay.

Enormously frustrated, Cheryl eventually decided to take matters into her own hands. To help retrieve her daughter, she hired an ex-commando, Don Feeney, and his wife, Judy, along with a team of Greek detectives.

Lamare and the Feeneys flew to the Greek island of Crete, where they located Stan and Jamie. The team allowed a 48 Hours crew, as well as correspondent Susan Spencer, to come along. 48 Hours undercover cameras -- used extensively to protect the security of the rescue effort -- were rolling at the critical moment when the detectives finally spot her at a remote monastery on Crete's southern coast. But the perfect opportunity was lost when, unaccountably, one of the Greek detectives allows Jamie to just amble away.

Judy and Don Feeney, key members of Cheryl's team. (CBS)
They appealed to the bishop in charge of the monastery, who allowed Cheryl to meet her daughter, now ten years old, for the first time in nine years. Also there: Stan, who wanted to make sure his ex-wife doesn't try to snatch Jamie away. Talking emphatically to Susan Spencer, he swore he never did anything improper, and claims that Jamie belongs with him.

Defeated, Lamare and the Feeneys return to the U.S. But with the help of the U.S. ambassador to Greece, Andrew Burns, Greek authorities promised that tey would help return Jamie to Cheryl. So two weeks later, Cheryl returned to Crete once again. Once again, though, Stan managed to stay one step ahead. The team decides to try to snatch Jamie from her school, but Stan's relatives gather there. Cheryl's ninth trip ends in failure.

From February to April, Cheryl and her new husband Dale spent $70,000 on their quest. She returns home, exhausted, depressed and frustrated, to start once again. With support from her friends, relatives and coworkers, she starts over again. "When you give birth to a child," Cheryl says, "you're dedicated for life."

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