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The Suit Commute: A backpack for your suit

What's cooler than an Iron Man suit in a briefcase? Nothing, obviously. But for all you "iron men" (and women) who bike to work, the next best thing is an actual suit in a backpack.

The Suit Commute is a biker-friendly backpack designed to carry a suit and a laptop and keep both wrinkle-free. Non-bikers could use it as a compact, easy-to-tote garment bag.

According to UK-based Highson Smart Cycling, the Suit Commute can accommodate suit sizes of up to 44 inches (I'm a 40 Regular, so that would work for me).

It includes individual pockets for shoes and a towel, and comes with a strap-mounted holder for your phone or MP3 player.

As for the laptop compartment, it's large enough for 17-inch models. (Let's hope there's room enough for a washcloth and some deodorant, too.)

The Suit Commute sells for £39, plus £10 for shipping. That works out to about $62 U.S. dollars -- about what you'd pay for a decent backpack or garment bag. Could be an ideal solution for two-wheeled commuters, or anyone needing to sling a suit over their shoulder.

Know of a better way to transport a suit? Let's hear about it in the comments.

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