"The Talk" hits the Big Apple

Julie Chen, host of the hit CBS daytime series "The Talk," in the "CBS This Morning" studio
CBS News

(CBS News) The ladies of "The Talk," -- Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood, and Aisha Tyler -- took their place at the "CBS This Morning" roundtable and, as usual, covered a wide range of topics, starting with their recent Emmy nominations.

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Gilbert, the show's creator and executive producer, said she was stunned when the Emmy nominations were announced.

"It's really evolved into something and bigger than what I could have managed with this team," Gilbert said. "I didn't know nominations were coming out. I wasn't expecting it."

"The Talk" was nominated in the category of Outstanding Talk Show/Entertainment and received two other nominations -- one for Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling; the other for Outstanding Achievement in Makeup.

Sheryl Underwood provided big laughs for the roundtable when she declared her attraction to Charlie Rose.

"See, I got to get beautified, because fine Charlie Rose was up here," Underwood said. "It's his debonair stature... That's Cary Grant as Walter Cronkite."

And how is it working with the boss' wife? (Chen is married to CBS President and CEO, Les Moonves.)

The women of "The Talk" have no complaints. Sharon Osbourne, who rose to fame as the spouse of rocker Ozzy Osbourne said she can relate to Chen's position.

"It was the same for me being the wife," said Osbourne. "But we all say, 'Julie is the best, best, best.' She's our captain. She's our anchor."

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