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The Top Microsoft Office Tips of 2010 (Dave's Picks)

We talk about free alternatives all the time, because free is, you know, good. But there's no denying that Microsoft Office is a standard part of most workplaces. With that in mind, I rounded up a handful of my favorite tips for using the most ubiquitous of all productivity sites.

Word Tip: Collaborate with Other Authors in Real-Time

We like Google Docs because of the seamless way it allows multiple people -- the same room or across the country -- can edit the same document simultaneously. Here's a plug-in for Word that works pretty much the same way.

Painlessly Organize Your Outlook Inbox, Auto-File Your Bacn

Here's a plug-in for Outlook that is remarkable in that it smartly organizes incoming messages by importance and relevance.

Collaboration Super-Tip: Allow Changes to Only Part of a Word Document

Need to send a document for review but don't want people to much with sections that you consider "done?" Here's a secret way to lock parts of the doc from editing.

Teach Word to Fix Your Most Common Typos

Word automatically fixes many common typos, but it doesn't know about your particular idiosyncratic typing errors. Here's how to teach Word to fix your common mistakes without prompting.

Bring Back the Reminder Bell for Appointments in Outlook 2010

You miss it, don't you? That little bell icon to let you know if meetings had reminders set. Here's now to bring it back.

Dave Johnson was employed by Microsoft Corporation at the time this article was written.

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