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They're "itchy": Why California shark sightings are on the rise

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. -- A new video has surfaced of a shark breaching near surfers at Upper Trestles just south of San Clemente on Easter Sunday, CBS Los Angeles reports. At the same time, several other surfers also reported seeing the shark Sunday.

This comes just a week after this shark was spotted in the same area.

Lifeguards spotted a 6-foot shark swimming close to the water’s edge. A shark advisory closed the beach near the San Clemente Pier access until Monday.

Just last month, a helicopter patrolling Newport Beach water saw an 8-foot shark about 200 feet from shore. The uptick has some surfers worried about a shark run-in of their own.

“It freaks me out, for sure. I’m not a pro surfer so I’m not trained to handle that,” Julian Jacobson, of Newport Beach, said.

Lifeguards say they have seen more sharks even great whites closer to shore.

Marine biologist Chris Lowe said the breaching sharks are likely trying to remove parasites that make them itch. He says the sharks are drawn to the warm spring waters to do so. They also haven’t shown aggressive behavior.

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