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An actor's audition at a Hollywood casting call.

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You want to be in pictures? 09:59

COVER STORY: You wanna be in pictures? | Watch Video
There's perhaps never been a better time for aspiring thespians, given the demand for actors from new streaming platforms beyond movies and broadcast TV. But what does it take to become a star? Tracy Smith talks with some of Hollywood's most successful casting directors about the "It" factor they seek, and with actor-dancer George Chakiris, whose audition landed him in the cast of the film version of "West Side Story," for which he won an Academy Award.

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Screen tests of Hollywood legends 01:38

MOVIES: Screen tests of Hollywood legends (Video)
As long as there have been movies, there have been screen tests. "Sunday Morning" looks back at some early footage of actors who would go on to movie and TV immortality, from Charlie Chaplain giving actress Georgia Hale a tryout for his classic film "City Lights, to James Dean and Paul Newman, Marlene Dietrich and John Travolta, as well as Dustin Hoffman, testing in women's clothes for "Tootsie." 

MOVIES: "Bohemian Rhapsody": Sinking your teeth into a role | Watch Video
Given his extraordinary musical talent, it seems trite to focus on Freddie Mercury's teeth, but if you're going to make a movie about Queen's legendary frontman, that overbite can't be underestimated. Rami Malek's masterful performance in "Bohemian Rhapsody" got a lot of help from dental technician Chris Lyons, who's given actors like Meryl Streep and Tilda Swinton their chops. But when asked to re-create Mercury's formidable teeth, Lyons worried he may have bitten off more than he could chew. Lee Cowan talks with Lyons, and with make-up artist Jan Sewell and prosthetic designer Mark Coulier, about Malek's transformation.

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PASSAGE: Karl Lagerfeld, Peter Tork and Stanley Donen | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" looks back at the careers of a giant in the fashion world, a member of the '60s band The Monkees, and a Hollywood musical master.

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Karl Lagerfeld on Coco Chanel (Video)
In 1983 German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld (who died this past week at the age of 85) was given control of the label built by Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel. In this "Sunday Morning" report originally aired on May 8, 2005, Lagerfeld talks with Rita Braver about the history of Chanel and her designs' "opulent simplicity," and how he sought to revive the faded brand. Braver also visits an exhibit of vintage Chanel fashions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and talks with associate curator Andrew Bolton about Coco's distinctive look. 

HISTORY: How the west was won – by a restaurant chain | Watch Video
They were a staple alongside railroad lines across the United States, serving up meals to passengers in what became the first restaurant chain. Founded in 1876, Harvey Houses became renowned for the Harvey Girls, the waitresses who were said to have "tamed the American West," and which inspired a hit MGM musical starring Judy Garland and Angela Lansbury. Michelle Miller looks at the history of the Harvey Girls, whose impact was felt "On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe."

WEB EXTRA: Classic Harvey House recipes
From "The Harvey House Cookbook" come dishes served at the legendary restaurants that dotted the Atchison, Topeka and Sante Fe rail line across the American West.

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A debt to a service dog 02:46

HARTMAN: A debt to a service dog (Video)
Christy Gardner, an Army vet, lost both her legs after an attack overseas. She got Moxie, a service dog, to help with daily tasks. But more importantly, during her darkest days, Gardner says her golden retriever was the only thing that stopped her from ending her own life. She's felt indebted to her dog ever since. And to pay back the debt she feels towards Moxie, she came up with the sweetest plan: to pay it forward. Steve Hartman reports          

Dressing homes for success 07:36

REAL ESTATE: Getting houses ready for their closeup | Watch Video
Meridith Baer is a home stager, with a proven track record of taking totally empty houses on the market and dressing them up, to where they sell for far above the asking price. Alina Cho met with the home stylist whose gift is a realtor's greatest selling point.

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Jim Gaffigan on the Oscars without a host 02:07

ACADEMY AWARDS:  Emcee hammered: The Oscars go on without a host | Watch Video
Comedian Jim Gaffigan has some thoughts about this year's Oscar broadcast, which will be going forth without a famous comedian or film celeb as host.

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Sunday Profile: Angie Dickinson 09:25

SUNDAY PROFILE: Frank talk with Angie Dickinson | Watch Video
Angie Dickinson's film and TV career has been a half-century-long master class in the art of seduction. Mo Rocca talked with the star of the '70s hit "Police Woman," and such classic films as "Rio Bravo" and "Dressed to Kill" about becoming an inspiration for aspiring policewomen, her relationships with such stars as Frank Sinatra and Burt Bacharach, and the #MeToo movement.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Why Angie Dickinson regrets doing "Police Woman"
For four seasons, Angie Dickinson starred as undercover cop Sgt. Pepper Anderson in the crime series "Police Woman," for which she won a Golden Globe, and inspired countless women to pursue careers in law enforcement. But as she tells correspondent Mo Rocca, she now says she regrets taking on the series.

"MOBITUARIES": Neanderthals, our surprising ancestors | Watch Video
New research has changed our understanding of prehistoric cavemen, who were not the brutish, howling creatures pop culture tells us they were. Preview the latest episode of Mo Rocca's podcast.

Oscars 2019: David Edelstein's Academy Award ... 04:30

ACADEMY AWARDS: David Edelstein's Oscar picks | Watch Video
Who will take home the gold tonight at this year's Academy Awards ceremony? Our film critic David Edelstein has his picks for who should.

ACADEMY AWARDS: Download an Oscar ballot for your office pool or party

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Calendar: Week of February 25 01:06

CALENDAR: Week of February 25 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Jane Pauley reports.

Nature: Sea nettles in Monterey Bay 01:29

NATURE: Sea nettles in Monterey Bay (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning" takes us to Monterey Bay in California, where Pacific sea nettles are the stars. Videographer: Lance Milbrand.


An artist with cerebral palsy 01:46

ART: An artist with cerebral palsy, and without limitations | Watch Video
With the help of facilitators, the Matheny Arts Access Program aids artists, like Ellen Kane, who live with neurological disorders that affect muscular dexterity, by bringing their artwork to life – and to the walls of Sotheby's auction house. Tom Hanson reports.

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Dueling fiery-throated hummingbirds.

NATURE UP CLOSE: Hummingbirds, feathered fighters
The tiny birds have evolved to gather nectar from specific flower species, but some have also evolved bills to better attack and joust with their rivals (with video).

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