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Bowled over for breakfast | Watch Video
What happened when food blogger Wil Fulton tried an experiment of eating nothing but breakfast cereal for a week – 82 consecutive bowls? Susan Spencer talks with Fulton about his serial dining on cereal. She also talks with Yale University's Paul Freedman about the history of breakfasts; Dana McNabb, of General Mills, who is bowled over by new varieties of cereal; and registered dietitian Wendy Lopez, who reveals her secret to breakfast smoothies.

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Images by Nathan Myhrvold from the book, "The Photography of Modernist Cuisine." Cooking Lab

PHOTOGRAPHY: Picture perfect: Nathan Myhrvold's eye-popping pictures of food | Watch Video
Former Microsoft executive Nathan Myhrvold is a man of many talents, from geophysics and space physics to economics – and now, taking eye-popping portraits of food. To get his perfect pictures, which have been featured in art galleries and in a book, "The Photography of Modernist Cuisine," Myhrvold had to design robots to better capture food at the perfect moment. David Pogue reports.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: High-tech photographer Nathan Myhrvold on the work of Harold Edgerton
Former Microsoft executive Nathan Myhrvold, a man with many scientific credentials, has also developed a passion for technically-savvy photographs of food. In this web extra he talked with "Sunday Morning" contributor David Pogue about the work of another photographer celebrated for high-speed images, Harold Edgarton.

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NUGGETS: Tater tots go gourmet | Watch Video
The humble tater tot, that staple of American casseroles and cafeterias, was created in the 1950s when a French fry company envisioned a way to use up all those potato scraps. Today, tater tots are even served in gourmet restaurants. Luke Burbank talks with food blogger Dan Whalen, author of a cookbook devoted to tater tots.

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Tempting fate with a really hot pepper. CBS News

CONDIMENTS: The craving for hot sauces is heating up | Watch Video
Hot sauce sales are increasing faster than any other condiment. To get a taste of what people can't get enough of, the hugely popular web series "Hot Ones" features celebrities sampling some really hot foods, and at about 3 million views per episode, the series shows no signs of cooling off. But could correspondent Michelle Miller pass the hot sauce test? She decided to put her mouth where her mouth is.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Michelle Miller sits in the "Hot Ones" hot seat
Many have tried to beat the heat on the hugely popular web series, "Hot Ones," in which celebrities are interviewed while eating excruciatingly-hot chicken wings. In this web extra, correspondent Michelle Miller sits in the hot seat herself opposite series host Sean Evans to test her mettle when it comes to tasting "the bomb."

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SeltzerSparkling water is making a splash | Watch Video
The market for sparkling water is positively bubbling over. Serena Altschul reports.

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The last straw? | Watch Video
Millions of plastic drinking straws end up as litter, often in the oceans, which is why this summer Seattle became the largest city in America to ban plastic straws in restaurants, to be replaced with compostable or paper options. Tony Dokoupil talks with anti-straw advocates fighting the preponderance of single-use plastic in a throwaway culture, and with representatives of the food service industry in search of alternatives that will be easy for consumers to swallow.

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Balsamic vinegar, the "black gold" of Modena | Watch Video
It's called the "black gold" of Modena, the northern Italian city where balsamic vinegar has been produced for generations – and where some varieties take up to a hundred years to age. Seth Doane dives into the process of creating a product once used as a gift among nobility or as a wedding dowry, and is now a favorite of food connoisseurs the world over.

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Tastemaker: Food designer Sarah Masoni's million-dollar palate | Watch Video
As the director of Product and Process Development at the Oregon State University's Food Innovation Center, Sarah Masoni uses her uniquely-qualified taste buds as a "food designer." Lee Cowan reports on someone with most exquisite taste (buds).

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Pepperoni Rolls. CBS News

SNACK: Pepperoni rolls, West Virginia's most popular snack | Watch Video
In the 1920s, a coal miner from Calabria, Italy who resettled in West Virginia coal country, opened the Country Club Bakery in Fairmont, and introduced the pepperoni roll, a portable meal that miners really dug into. Conor Knighton explains the pepperoni pride West Virginians have for their delicious, utilitarian snack.

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Model, social media celebrity and bestselling cookbook author Chrissy Teigen with husband John Legend and correspondent Rita Braver. CBS News

SUNDAY PROFILE: In the kitchen with Chrissy Teigen | Watch Video
Rita Braver goes into the kitchen with social media star and bestselling cookbook author Chrissy Teigen, and her husband, music superstar John Legend.

RECIPE: Chrissy Teigen's Asian Pear & Avocado Salad

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Pizza by the deaf | Watch Video
Mozzeria is ranked among the top pizza places in San Francisco, and is one of the first to be entirely owned and operated by people who are deaf. Tracy Smith reports.

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Native American chef Sean Sherman's goal is not just to produce a healthy meal based on indigenous cultures, but to feed the soul of a nation. CBS News

CUISINE: The Sioux Chef | Watch Video
Chef Sean Sherman, who belongs to the Oglala Lakota tribe, spent a couple of decades cooking in fancy kitchens around Minneapolis before deciding to apply what he knew to native foods. He is on a mission to celebrate and showcase native cuisine with "The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen," which won this year's James Beard Award for Best American Cookbook. Martha Teichner reports.

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Bartender Paul Nolan, at the Buena Vista Café in San Francisco, making up just a few of the quarter-million Irish Coffees they serve each year. CBS News

BEVERAGES: Irish Coffee, at a San Francisco institution | Watch Video
The Buena Vista Café, which opened in 1916, is a San Francisco institution. And for more than 40 years, bartender Paul Nolan has been making the same drink that made the Buena Vista famous: the Irish Coffee. He demonstrated for John Blackstone the mixture of coffee, Irish whiskey and heavy cream that has kept locals and tourists coming back again and again.

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Jim Gaffigan on a favorite topic - Food | Watch Video
Seventy percent of Americans are overweight. Commentator Jim Gaffigan suggests that, really, 30 percent of Americans are just lagging behind the rest of the country.

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Wild turkeys | Watch Extended Video
"Sunday Morning" takes viewers to California's Marin County. Videographer: Lee McEachern.


Week of November 19 | Watch Video
From Thanksgiving to Black Friday, "Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead.

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