To Catch A Spy

Probe To Unmask Hanssen Almost Ruined Kelley

CIA officer Brian Kelley, mistaken for FBI turncoat Robert Hanssen and investigated for four years by some of the most talented spy-catchers in the business, is telling his story for the first time.

In an interview to be broadcast Sunday, Feb. 2, on 60 Minutes, Kelley tells correspondent Lesley Stahl how the investigation nearly destroyed his life and career. The broadcast airs at 7 p.m. ET/PT

For years, an elite team of government spy-catchers thought Kelley, a decorated veteran of the CIA, was a spy and launched the most intense mole-hunt in U.S. history to prove it. In the end, Kelley was exonerated and the FBI's Hanssen – one of the most dangerous spies in U.S. history – was unmasked.

Stahl's report also includes an exclusive interview with the FBI's top spy-catcher, David Szady, who ran the investigation. Szady says he wouldn't change the way his investigation was conducted because evidence justified it, and ultimately, it was successful in catching Hanssen.