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Toddler buys $400 couch on Amazon unbeknownst to mom

A two-year-old girl already has an online shopping habit -- thanks to Amazon's "1-Click" ordering. 

Isabella McNeil said she handed her cell phone over to her toddler daughter, and days later, received an email alerting her that a $400 couch had been shipped to her home.

"I thought, 'Did I buy a couch in my sleep?"" she told a San Diego television station. She eventually connected the dots, but it was too late to cancel the order. 

After that, it showed up at the family's doorstep, according to NBC 7 of San Diego.  

McNeil said she had been browsing couches through the Amazon app on her cellphone, before her daughter asked to play with the device. Amazon's "1-Click" ordering made it easy for the baby girl, named Rayna, to complete the purchase with a single touch of the "Buy Now With 1-Click" button on the app. 

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"Lesson learned," McNeil told local media. "Now I know it's really dangerous and [I need] to make sure the Amazon app is closed before my daughter takes the phone. It's just so easy."

McNeil initially planned to return the pricey piece of furniture, but learned of a $79 restocking fee plus $100 in return shipping costs. Amazon doesn't appear to have made an exception given the unusual circumstances surrounding the purchase. 

Instead, she's listed the grey tufted couch on OfferUp, a resale site, for $300. 

"Brand new in box. Ordered it by mistake, my toddler actually did...darn buy with 1 click on Amazon," the listing reads. "Anyway it's more of a hassle to ship back, so I'll take a loss. A paid 431 with tax and am willing to let it go for 300 must pick up."

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