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Top Sales Pros Really Love Cold Calling

There are dozens of "how to cold call" articles that begin with a phrase like: "nobody likes cold calling." I beg to differ. There are some sales professional who like cold calling. No, they love it. Far from considering it a burden, they consider cold calling fun, interesting and profitable. Who are they? They're the sales pros in your industry who are cleaning your clock.

Here's an analogy. Most people hate exercising and don't it; they're called couch potatoes. Some people hate exercise but do it anyway ; they're called healthy people. A very small number of people exercise simply because they love it; they're called athletes.

I firmly believe that it's IMPOSSIBLE to get good at anything that you don't truly enjoy. If you don't LOVE moving your body and pushing it to its limits, you'll never be an athlete. Similarly, if you don't LOVE cold calling, you'll never get good at, you'll never be the best sales professional that you're capable of becoming. And you'll never reap the rewards, like:

  • The knowledge you can create money by picking up a phone.
  • The ability to earn far more than anybody who hates cold calling.
  • The satisfaction conquering your fear of rejection.
  • The pride in mastering an art with complicated nuances.
  • The certainty that you'll always have a lucrative job.
  • The right to laugh when other sales rep whine about it.
Here's the truth. In every field and every profession, there is a very small minority who love even the "boring" parts of what they do. In EVERY case, these are the most successful people in their field.

So if you really want to be the best when it comes to selling, decide that you LOVE cold calling. Stop thinking of it as a chore. Do it for fun. Heck, do it in your spare time.

READERS: I'd love to hear from somebody who loves cold calling and is willing to be a role model.

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