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Trainland's Final Stop

When you walk into Michael S. Twiford's office, the first photo you see at Mike's Trainland is one of Arthur J. "Junie" Landcaster Jr. Junie Landcaster died two years ago, is wearing his standard red suspenders and a broad smile that was a part of his everyday outfit. The two men shared a love for model trains. Twiford talks about the man he says was "like a father" to him. Out of that love grew a business of 15 years. Mike's Trainland and Lancaster Train and Old toy Museum attracted old and young alike from miles around. On Jan. 18, Mike's Trainland will be closed, but a collection of antique trains will remain in the Children's Museum of Virginia in Portsmouth. Twiford said he will miss the Trainland, but Landcaster's Old Toy Museum is only a train ride away.

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