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Transition Team Releases Donor List

In what it is billing as part of "President-elect Obama's pledge to run the most open and transparent transition in history," the incoming administration's transition team has begun releasing the names of its donors.

The names will be released on a monthly basis, and the first batch came out today. The transition team says that 1,776 donors have given $1,170,937.44 as of November 15th.

The full list of donors is here, and the release includes each donor's name, employer, town of residence, and the amount of their donation. (Donations range from $25 to $5,000.)

Notes the release: "The Obama-Biden Transition project only accepts contributions from individuals' personal funds – we refuse all donations from corporations, labor unions, and PACs. Individuals may not donate more than $5,000. We also refuse all contributions from registered federal lobbyists and registered foreign agents."

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