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Traveling With Your Baby

Summer is right around the corner and that means vacation planning for some families. But, if you have a new addition since your last trip there may be a few modifications to the family vacation you might want to make to be sure your baby and the family are well taken care of. Jessica Hartshorn, Senior Lifestyle Editor for American Baby gives tips on how to travel with your little one and still enjoy your vacation.

Think about joining forces with friends and family. If you travel with another family who has children, you can rent a condo or cabin. You can save money by cooking some group meals, and save sanity by watching each other's kids. It's also nice to travel with grandparents. They might watch the children one night wile you and your husband have a dinner date, and you all hopefully leave with nice memories of being together.

Look for deals to save money. In this economy, a lot of resorts are offering extras like resort credits or free meals. Hotels offer low rates if you book over the internet.

Ask for what baby gear you can borrow while you are there. Now that it costs money to even bring a carry-on on some airplanes, traveling light is important. It might be smart to pay a little more for a full-service resort that will lend you a crib, infant tub, and maybe even baby toys. At a park like Disney World, you can rent a stroller.

Pace your vacation to your baby's speed. Keep him on his usual eating and napping schedule and you'll avoid meltdowns more easily. Follow his rhythm. Most children have all the energy in the morning, so go out and see the sites early - fewer crowds then also. Go back to your room for a nap, maybe spend the afternoon at the pool, and then do one more short evening outing before bedtime.

Keep your expectations reasonable and don't overschedule. Then you will not feel like you need a vacation from your vacation.

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Jessica Hartshorn & Erika Wortham

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