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Trend In Tech Devices: Hide Them!

The world's largest consumer electronics show gets under way in Las Vegas on Thursday, with thousands of exhibitors showcasing their state-of-the-art products.

Best Magazine Senior Editor David Gregg, who's at the show,

The Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler Wednesday, "This year, the main theme happens to be camouflaging tech devices. Once upon a time, they really stood out and made an eyesore in a home. Now what they're trying to do is shrink different devices that normally required lots more space."

Gregg spotlighted several items that caught his eye:

LG 47" LCD HDTV/DVR: This represents a first in video technology. This new model includes an integrated Hi-Definition Digital Video Recorder. The built-in DVR has a 160 gigabyte hard drive that holds up to 15 hours of high definition, or 66 hours of standard definition programming, offering resolution of 1920 x 1080p, making it the highest available display on the market, resulting in a better overall picture and viewing experience.

PIONEER BLU-RAY DVD RECORDER: Pioneer's Elite Series Blu-ray Format DVD Recorder redefines the HDTV standard by introducing a digital recording device capable of delivering a video image and audio signal four times more vivid than today's traditional HD recording devices. Storage capability has been nearly doubled with a recordable capacity of nearly four hours of high definition video. The internal network features enable you to access your computer's entertainment contents directly from the hard drive.

INTEL VIIV PROCESSOR: Intel's new Viiv Processor will enable computer manufacturers to create the next generation of home computers. These devices will have a closer resemblance to compact audio and video entertainment centers than personal computers. The most important points about this technology are its ease of use and its ability to perform all of its functions wirelessly.

HP DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT CENTER: The HP Digital Entertainment Center looks more like a traditional audio system than a home entertainment/computing solution. Hook this product up to any TV monitor and you've got yourself a high definition entertainment powerhouse capable of enabling you to surf the Net, record your favorite TV shows in high def, view your digital photos, and record and listen to your favorite music downloads.

SONOS DIGITAL MUSIC PLAYER: The Sonos Digital Music Player introduces an innovative way to take all the music you have stored on your home computer and share it via every speaker in your house. The little Sonos Zone Player hooks directly into your home audio receiver and turns your home theater into a digital music zone.

MOTOROLA iRADIO SERVICE: The Motorola iRadio Service has every intention of going head-to-head against satellite radio. At just over $6 a month, its new cell-based entertainment service its capable of enabling its user to access over 400 unique and exclusive, commercial free music and information stations. All that's needed is a compatible Motorola phone (ROKR E2) and an Internet connection. You can personalize your music play lists by music genre and even create your own station formats. iRadio seamlessly delivers your entertainment content to your car radio via Blue Tooth technology.

AUDIOVOX CAMOUFLAGE SPEAKER SYSTEM: Acoustic Research's (a division of Audiovox) Camouflage Surround Sound Speaker System finally addresses an issue that's caused marital discord since the advent of the home theater trend: what do you do about those silver and black speakers that create an eyesore among your beautiful home furnishings? Faux book stacks and plant stands are just a sample of the decorative coverings designed to veil your entire array of surround-sound speakers. And what about the big, bad sub-woofer, you ask? They've got that covered, too, with a decorative trunk that is designed to conceal it from your eyes, but not your ears.

POWERSQUID: The Flexity Powersquid not only helps hide all of those hideous power cables, but also protects your equipment with a surge protector. Never run out of outlets, and forget about overloading those traditional power strips, which could create a fire hazard. The Powersquid even accommodates cables other power strips can't, such as your phone, TV and Internet connection. Even devices that have cables with oversized power "brick" regulators attached are easily accommodated by the "The Squid"!

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