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Trump is spending $2 million on Pennsylvania ads

Will Trump tone down for calmer campaign? 02:49

Donald Trump is dumping nearly $2 million into a Pennsylvania advertising blitz, just days ahead of the state's Tuesday primary contest.

The 30-second spot, first reported by the Associated Press, will air on television across the state, making the case for Trump's ability to shake up a stagnant political system.

"The truth is too many politicians are totally controlled by special interests and lobbyists," Trump says in the ad's direct-to-camera appeal. "That's going to change quickly."

The GOP front-runner ticks off a list of policy issues he intends to tackle as president, including middle class tax cuts, international trade deals, social security, medicare, illegal immigration, terrorism, and veterans.

And, of course, it concludes with a promise to "make America great again."

Trump's more generous budget for Pennsylvania advertising is a shift away from his usual approach in courting voters. The billionaire spent just $67,000 on radio ads and nothing television advertising in his home state of New York, where he swept the primary contest this Tuesday.

Pennsylvania, which has just 17 delegates at stake, votes April 26.

CBS News' Jacqueline Alemany contributed to this report.

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