Video captures horror of Istanbul airport attack


An image from Turkish broadcaster DHA shows passengers running inside a terminal at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport, June 29, 2016, as a bomb explodes.


Dramatic new video shows one of the attackers at Istanbul's main airport being taken down by a security officer moments before one of the deadly explosions that killed at least 41 people and wounded more than 270 others Tuesday.

A security camera video appears to show bystanders sprinting for cover just moments before an explosion tore through the airport. And shaky images seem to capture one of the armed gunmen being shot, then writhing on the ground before also blowing himself up, reports CBS News correspondent Holly Williams.

The sound of another explosion rocked those waiting outside the terminal building.

Istanbul Attack Witness 04:25

An airport official said three suicide bombers detonated themselves in different parts of the airport in what looks like a well-coordinated attack, reports CBS News correspondent Holly Williams.

The aftermath was a scene of horror in one of the world's busiest airports, with bodies scattered across the ground and emergency workers looking for survivors amidst the destruction.

Many people who witnessed the attack looked to be in shock, including Adam Keally, a tourist from Boston.

"People were shooting from one side and we all ran the other way, and then bombs went off and people started running the other way, and there was more shooting and we came out, and after that I think there was another bomb," Keally recalled.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said there are indications the latest massacre was the work of ISIS, and U.S. officials say the evidence leans in that direction. But so far, there has been no claim of responsibility.

This is the latest in a spate of deadly suicide bombings in Turkey over the last year. The Turkish authorities have blamed ISIS for some of them -- including two that targeted foreign tourists -- but unlike similar attacks in Europe, ISIS has never claimed responsibility.

Other bombings were carried out by Kurdish separatists -- members of an ethnic minority who are locked in a long-running conflict with the Turkish state.

Relatives of the injured waited for news Wednesday morning after their loved ones were caught up in an act of terror, in a country that used to be an island of stability in the Middle East but is now descending deeper into chaos and violence. It is not yet clear if Americans were among the victims.

The Turkish people are saddened by the attack, but given the deteriorating security situation, very few will be shocked.