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Turn Your Cell Phone into a Webcam with Wwigo

wwigo.jpgWhy schlep a Webcam when you're already carrying a cell phone? Wwigo turns the latter into the former, beaming the phone's live video stream to your PC via Bluetooth. It's an ingenious idea, though not without a couple limitations.

For starters, Wwigo (pronounced "vigo" and short for "webcam wherever I go") is compatible with just 18 phones, all of them Nokia models. Support for other devices is in the works, according to the developer. What's more, unless you can devise some clever mounting system, you'll have to hold your phone--and hold it really steady--the entire time you're capturing video. Not my idea of fun.

On the plus side, Wwigo gives you a lot more freedom of movement than a traditional tethered Webcam, and it enables you to do virtually all the same things: Record video to your hard drive, make video calls with Skype and similar services, upload video to YouTube, and so on. Plus, it's free! Alas, I wasn't able to put the service to the test, as I don't have one of the compatible phones. If you do, and you're able to take Wwigo for a spin, hit the Comments page and let us know how it went.

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