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Turn Your iPhone Into a Numeric Keypad

numberkey.jpgHey, you lucky iPhone-carrying MacBook users: NumberKey [iTunes link] turns the former into a numeric keypad for the latter -- and looks really cool doing it.

The $1.99 iPhone app (which also works with the iPod Touch) looks and operates just like a real keypad. It offers four skins (including silver to match the MacBook Pro) and leverages Bonjour for easy connections to your laptop, though it also supports the Apple Wireless Keyboard used with desktops.

For now, this is a Mac-only affair (OS X 10.5.5 and later), but hopefully the developer will release a Windows version soon. What do you think? Is $1.99 a fair price for an app like this? I'm inclined to say yes, especially if you frequently use spreadsheets. Sometimes a numeric keypad is essential equipment. [via Gizmodo]

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