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Turn Your PC into a Great Game Machine

I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. Unless you have what is called 3D acceleration in your home computer, chances are some of the top new games on the market won't work on your PC. Make sure you read the box carefully. But it isn't difficult or all that expensive anymore to upgrade the video. A company called 3Dfx makes 3D technology it calls Voodoo2. Cards using Voodoo2 run along side your existing video. Creative Labs recently dropped the price of its 12 megabyte Voodoo2 card to 149 dollars. Another solution, is the 99 dollar Voodoo Banshee. It replaces your existing video card and gives you 3D capability. Creative's Jim Carlton...says game players really notice the difference...

"The cars now show reflections. The tail lights have bright glows around them as the brakes come on and as we pass through the smoke created from the tires, you'll see how much more subtle that is. Also the frame rate's just a lot smoother now. The sky has a much better textured effect, the ground looks very smooth. So all of this creates a much more realistic visual experience for the end user."

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