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Turn your phone into a BlackBerry with flipMail

teleflip.jpgYou have an urgent message for your boss, but she's in an offsite meeting and you don't want to interrupt her with a phone call. Text-messaging to the rescue! Just send an e-mail to That's a lot faster and more convenient than pulling out your own phone and tapping out your message on its tiny keypad. There's no special software required by you or the recipient; the e-mail arrives in traditional SMS format (meaning the carrier's normal SMS charges will apply).

While you're at it, check out TeleFlip's new flipMail service, which routes e-mail from an existing account to your phone (again in SMS format). You can set up a whitelist to ensure that only the mail you want is "flipped" (thus keeping spam to a bare minimum), and you can deactivate and reactivate the service at will. When you reply to a message, it's delivered to the sender as an e-mail.

This is actually a nice option for anyone looking to save money on pricey Internet data plans, as text messaging doesn't require one (though obviously you could rack up pretty major SMS charges if you're not careful). flipMail is free; give it a try and then tell us how you like it! [via Office Tweaks]

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