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Twitter as a Sales Tool? Uhhh... No.

There's been plenty of silly-speak floating around about using Twitter as a sales tool. For example, one article "Increase Your Business Sales Using Twitter" has spawned all over the web. Here's a quick excerpt:

Yes of course, you can make money from twitter, and you can turn a good profit from twitter, if you know how. There are people making huge amounts of money from twitter, just reflect on that for a moment. You have a twitter account, with a couple of thousand people following, and It's quite easy to get an account with a few thousand following it is not very difficult to do, if individuals are following your tweets insert a link commend a product to them, from your few thousand people. Even if only 10% follow the link.
Just what the sales team needed, eh? Another way to SPAM. As for the assertion that people are making a "good profit" from Twitter, where's the evidence? I haven't heard of anyone making money with Twitter, other than a few "hype-the-latest-tech" consultant types.

Want some real evidence of what Twitter is all about? The market research firm Pear Analytics recently did a study of random Tweets which revealed that 40 percent of them are pointless babble. Another 40 percent are just conversations that could be better conducted (and with greater control) using email.

Only 8.7 percent had any news value and only a fraction of those are probably business-related in any meaningful way.

Want some more evidence of Twitter's essential uselessness? The ES Research Group in cooperation with The TAS Group (both collections of really smart folk) recently did a study of nearly 400 sales professionals in the United States which measured the sales effectiveness of Twitter along with some other social media tools.

Even in the midst of the Twitter hype only 13 percent were using Twitter to help them sell B2B. In fact, the usage was even lower than Facebook at 15 percent.

Let's face it: Twitter as a sales tool is hype, plain and simple. It's become a collection of SPAMinated jibber-jabber and it's only a matter of time beforethe business world catches on and stops pretending it's useful.

Of course, I could be wrong about this. What do you guys think?

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