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Twitter is back after experiencing an hour-long outage

Twitter suffered a complete outage for nearly one hour on Thursday. The social media company posted an explanation on its status page blaming an "internal configuration change" that it was still working to fix.

"Miss us?" the company tweeted as the outage wounded down Thursday. 

Twitter users trying to log on to the social network saw a message saying "Something is technically wrong," according to CNET

The hashtag "TwitterDown" was trending as users recalled their experiences. Some were too young to remember a time when such an outage was a common occurrence.

Outages were so widespread in Twitter's early years that a cartoon "fail whale" the company displayed during outages came to symbolize Twitter almost as much as its little blue bird icon. The whale was retired in 2013, largely because Twitter didn't want to be associated with what it represented any more. After all, outages had become far less common.

Twitter experienced the outage while President Trump was holding a "social media summit" Thursday afternoon. Mr. Trump hosted the event with conservative guests to complain that he's lost, or failed to gain, Twitter followers. Representatives from tech giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter were not invited to the event.

Kathryn Watson contributed to this report.

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