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Two beautiful and amazing time-lapse videos worth watching

(CBS News) The day grows late and I think it's time to take a moment to pause, reflect and take in some culture here at The Feed. Which means that it's time for some amazing time-lapse videos. First up, a beautiful piece above that reflects on surroundings both urban and pastoral. 

Stunning, right?  The breath-taking time-lapse video entitled "Very Little Stars" was shot by photographer Ben Wiggins and posted by Vimeo user Timelapse, Inc. with music by DeVotchKa. And I promised two videos in the headline, and always keep my promises. Next up below, we have a piece by artist Joanne Morris and posted by Vimeo user JMVF that depicts a portrait of Australian painter Vincent Fantauzzo come together through charcoal and time-lapse.

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