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Two videos of animals screaming tells you the weekend is here

(CBS News) As the work day winds down and the weekend lingers tantalizingly close, we here at The Feed like to provide some levity and absurdity near the end of the day. And nothing says absurd like videos of animals screaming, right? To start us off, we have two donkeys screaming at a YouTube video of two donkeys screaming. Yes, I know how that sounds, just go with it. 

The oddly amusing and cute video was posted by YouTube user Nudsi back in 2010 who writes:

There are a lot of videos about cats and dogs watching a youtube video with cats and dogs. But what about donkies? So I just took the notebook and showed it to my donkies Siesta (left) and Ginger (right). :-)

And next up, we have a very short clip involving a sheep that likes to "scream". Why do I have quotes around the word?  I'll go ahead and state that I have a feeling there may have been some post-production audio editing done to this one, but it's sure to still give you a shock and laugh when you see it. And on that note,  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and please make sure to keep coming back to The Feed for all of your viral video needs!

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