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Unplugged: Don't Expect Much from U.N. Summit

Former Bill Clinton adviser James Lindsay, now of the Council on Foreign Relations, said on "Washington Unplugged" Tuesday that he "wouldn't expect any stop the presses, game changing outcomes" in foreign policy this week during President Obama's meetings at the United Nations and then the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh.

The Center for Strategic International Studies' Heather Conley, who worked for President Bush, said his events this week mark the end of the introductory phase of his foreign policy agenda.

"The rhetoric has come to an end," Conley said. "Now it's time for action."

CBS News' Bob Schieffer asked the guests whether they expected to see any kind of breakthrough, even a small one, in New York.

Lindsay said the chances of breakthroughs on climate change, Afghanistan, nuclear nonproliferation and the international economy "are pretty small. "

"We need to keep in mind that we did not get into the jam we are in now in foreign policy in a week. A few days of speeches are not going to wrap things up," he added.

Conley also criticized the administration's timing of the announcement to reverse their missile defense system and move the plan away from Poland and Czechoslovakia.

"The timing could not have been worse," she said. "I think our expectations should be quite low on seeing any important Russian concessions."

Watch the full interview above.

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